When it comes to the 2018 Canadian holiday barbies, there is one Canadian thing that has never been replicated elsewhere, and that’s Christmas.

In the early 2000s, Christmas came to Canada, and the Christmas tree and all the traditions of the season were born.In 2009, Canada hosted its first ever Winter Olympics.But it was only in the 1980s that the country really began […]

How to get your holiday in the best possible way: Chevrolet’s Holiday Chevrolet and Caddy 2018

By JONATHAN WOOLLEY-LEEIt’s the end of November, and you’ve got a huge Christmas shopping list, and the perfect car for it.But the good news is that you can save on a number of car-related expenses in the process.With a new […]

Canadian holiday tradition ‘Happy Holidays’ for 2020

A federal government plan to extend Canada’s Christmas holidays to mid-February could include one of the nation’s most famous holidays: “Happy Holitudes.”But the proposal to allow people to celebrate the holiday as the official federal holiday is facing backlash from […]