US to make more Christmas cookies to sell to shoppers

USA’s holiday season will be boosted by a new Christmas cookie drive in which retailers are being urged to offer baked goods at discounted prices.The drive, announced on Monday, will see manufacturers including Hershey and Kmart offering free-range biscuits and […]

How to make the best Christmas gift for your favourite actor, musician or actress – and why they will miss it

When it comes to Christmas, most people make the mistake of ignoring the holiday and focusing on the upcoming ones.However, for those who can’t resist the temptation of spending time with family, it can be a great opportunity to experience […]

The world of holiday shopping is all but over, but there’s still a lot of shopping in 2018

IKEA has released its annual Christmas shopping report, revealing that Christmas sales across the world were down for the third consecutive year, despite the arrival of New Year’s Eve.The Swedish company reported sales fell by 11.7% in the US, 8.4% […]