How did this Christmas befall the world?

We know this isn’t a normal Christmas in the UK but the BBC Sport blog looks at the different celebrations in the country.


Februray 1:00pm – The Queen arrives in the capital, Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is dressed in traditional Victorian clothes and a white wig, as she is expected to be in a private ceremony in Buckingham Palace on Thursday. 


February 1:30pm – Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Buckinghamshire, to be greeted by members of the royal family.

She arrives in her favourite royal gown and a black cape and is greeted by several members of her family.


February 3:00am – The Duke of Edinburgh is born in St John’s Wood.

He is surrounded by members and close family.


February 8:00 am – The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are baptised.

The Duchess and Prince are expected to receive a traditional Christmas greeting, followed by a traditional Mass.


February 9:00 – The Prime Minister will arrive in London to meet with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the Queen and members of his family. 


February 16:00-19:00: The royal family will hold a private meeting at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the life of their Queen.


February 19:00 to 20:00 : A traditional Christmas service is held at St James’s Palace, to celebrate Christmas and to mark the day. 


February 21:00 and 22:00 The UK will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day by hosting the annual Christmas Day Parade. 


February 22:30 – The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive in a traditional dress for the first time in public. 


February 23:00 the Queen arrives at Buckingham Green. 


February 25:00 (the day before Christmas) the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex will arrive at St. James’s Green to attend the official opening of St. George’s Hall. 


February 27:00 The Queen’s visit to the Grosvenor House in London. 


February 28:00 for the Royal Family’s traditional Christmas lunch at St Andrew’s Hall, to mark Easter and New Year’s Eve. 


February 30:00 Christmas Eve celebration in London and the UK at the White House. 


March 2:00 pm – The British Empire celebrates Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas, in Westminster Abbey. 


March 4:00  The British royal family is greeted in the Great Hall of Parliament by members from the royal household. 


March 6:00   The Queen and Prince Charles depart the Palace to join members of their extended family for the annual St. Andrew’s Day Parade in central London.

The procession starts at Parliament Square, travels through central London, stops at Greenwich and ends at the Houses of Parliament. 


March 7:00 a group of about 60,000 people in central England take part in the parade, including children, children’s groups, the local community and other groups. 


March 8:30am: The Queen returns to Buckingham Palace for her annual Christmas dinner. 


March 10:00 p.m.

– The UK’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, is played. 


March 11:00 PM – The National Anthem of the United Kingdom is played at the start of the evening’s festivities. 


March 12:00 noon:  The Queen begins her annual festive dinner, hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, at the Prime Minister’s official residence. 


March 14:00 A special session of Parliament is held to discuss the UK’s response to the Brexit vote and the possibility of a new constitution. 


March 15:00 midnight: The UK parliament begins its Easter recess. 


March 16:30 A private ceremony is held in Westminster Hall for the British royal families to be buried in the ground. 


March 17:00 UK Prime minister Theresa May meets the Queen for the final time since taking office. 


March 18:00 First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland meet at Holyrood to discuss Brexit. 


March 19:30 PM Lord Speaker John Bercow says the UK will remain a member of the European Union. 


March 20:30-21:30: Parliament returns to business after a short break. 


March 21:30 The Queen, Prince Philip, the Duchess, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are laid to rest in St Mary’s Cemetery in London, followed shortly after by members in the Queen’s own royal blue coffin. 


March 22:15 pm – Britain’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi Crown Prince and heir to the throne, delivers his weekly address in Parliament.

He announces that