A royal holiday in 2019, with some new twists – The Irish Post

A royal vacation in 2019 will see some of the country’s top royal families taking time off for family time, with the Queen and Prince Philip taking part in a royal holiday on the island of Ireland.

The Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, the Prince of Wales and Prince George are among the other royals taking part.

The island of Tanaquil is in the Irish Sea, about 200 miles south of Dublin, where the Queen’s family is based.

The Duke and Princess Eugeny are based in the capital, Dublin.

They will be joined by their father, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, the late Prince George and Princess Beatrice.

The other Royal family members are the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, Princess Mary and Prince Harry.

There are also plans for a visit by the Duke, Duchess of Sussex and Princess Anne.

The celebrations, which have been described as a royal “holiday”, are due to kick off at 2pm on Tuesday, February 16 and continue throughout the week.

This will see the Royal family come together at the Tanaqua Golf Club in Tanaque, in a ceremony to mark the occasion.

It will also see the Duke take part in the royal parade through the city of Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore’s home town of Roscommon, before taking part on the Queen Anne’s Day Parade.

Prince William will be joining the celebrations at the golf course, as will the Duke’s father, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Duchess of Kent and the Duchess and the Princess of Wales will be at the event.

Prince Harry will also be at Tanaquila, alongside other guests, including the Duchess, Prince George, Prince Alex, Princess Beatrix and the Duke.