New Delhi: India to hold Independence Day celebrations on December 9 – Indian media

New Delhi, Dec 9: The Indian Government has decided to hold its Independence Day celebration on December 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet on Sunday.

The celebrations are part of the celebrations of the 30th Independence Day in India, he said.

India celebrates the first day of Christmas on December 5.

On Sunday, Modi tweeted that the celebrations would be held in a special place in his honour, which would be the spot of the birth of the country’s first prime minister.

Modi had earlier said that the Indian flag should be raised at 5:30pm on December 7, the day of Independence Day.

On December 7 in India’s first ever Independence Day, Independence Day is observed by the people of the nation.

The Indian government has also planned to mark the day with a procession.

On Wednesday, a court in the southern Indian state of Kerala suspended the election results in a dispute over the vote counts, as the Constitutional Court ordered a new round of voting on December 1.