The most exciting news on the Australian calendar for 2018, plus our picks for the top three things to do this month

A busy year is coming to an end for Australia with a plethora of exciting events and destinations to be explored across the country.

Here’s our full look at the calendar ahead.

The Australian Open This is where Australian tennis takes place, with three of the sport’s elite players vying for the title.

The Australian Open takes place in the city of Melbourne on the first Saturday of April.

The tournament runs through the end of April and sees some of the best players in the world competing in a number of venues across Australia.

In Melbourne, the opening round of the Australian Open sees the likes of Roger Federer, Tomas Berdych and Fabio Fognini all playing against each other, as well as a number, of other world-class players.

A key part of the event is the Melbourne Masters, where the players compete for the Australian Grand Slam title.

It is an event that has been held for the last seven years, but this year’s edition is the first to be held in Melbourne since the Australian team took on South Africa at the start of the year.

The Melbourne Masters has become an event for the locals, with some of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks including the Yarra River, the City Hall and Melbourne University also featuring in the crowds.

There are a number events to be found throughout the city for the first time in 2018, with the most exciting to be had being the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday April 10, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

There are two events for the marathoners on the weekend, the Melbourne Women’s Marathon on April 10 and the Melbourne Children’s Marathon, held on Sunday May 6.

There will also be a series of tennis tournaments held throughout the year, including the Melbourne Open, the Brisbane Open, and the Adelaide Open.

The Brisbane Open will be held on Monday April 11 and the Australian Women’s Open will take place on Tuesday April 12.

The Adelaide Open will also feature on the calendar for the fourth time this year, with all four venues hosting matches for the final event of the 2018 Australian Open season.

The Adelaide Open is held on the fourth Saturday of March every year, and is an Australian event which will be hosted by the Adelaide City of Football.

There is also the Melbourne International Open, which will feature a number tennis events across the city.

It will be a one-day event which takes place on the third Saturday of May, and features some of Australia’s most notable tennis players including Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Andy Murray II.

The Victorian Open is another one-time event which is often held on one of the major Australian tennis courses.

The event is held every year at the Victoria Cricket Ground, and will be contested between two of the country’s best tennis players, Andy Walmsley and Alex Nady.

The Victorian Open will run from May 4 to 6 and is the only event to be staged in Victoria.

The Grand Slam season starts next year, as the top players from around the world compete for a lucrative $20 million prize.

The winners of this year the $40 million Australian Open tournament will go on to compete in the ATP World Tour Finals.

The ATP World Championships in Beijing will be the biggest tournament of the summer, and it is one that has not been held in Australia for some time.

The 2018 Australian Grand Masters will take its place alongside the 2016 Australian Open, when the Australian men’s team reached the quarter-finals of the World Tour.

The 2016 Australian Grand Prix took place in Melbourne on July 12-13, and featured some of our top players in Australia, including Roger Federers, Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem.

The World Club Championships take place in Brisbane on the 16th to 18th of August, with many of the top Australian players competing.

The 2018 World Club Championship is also taking place in Sydney, and this will be one of only two events held in the capital.

There were many more exciting events this year to be announced, with a number featuring on the 2018 calendar which will also include the Commonwealth Games, the Gabba Classic, the Commonwealth Bank Cup and the Brisbane and Adelaide Open in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games will be staged at the ANZ Stadium in Brisbane in August, and kick off the Australian Summer Games.

The Commonwealth Bank Cups will take their place alongside our previous event, the Australian Championships, and mark the first tournament held in Canberra since 2010.

The Brisbane and Melbourne Open will both take place between June 1 and June 8, with both events featuring some of your favourite tennis players.

The Sydney Cup, which has traditionally been a fixture in Australia’s tennis calendar, will once again be held during the Australian Spring Tour, with one of Australia.

The Sydney Cup is held at the NSW Cricket Ground in March, and also features some Australian tennis stars.

The Gabba Cup will once more feature in Sydney in April, and once again features some great Australian players, including players like David Ferrer