Celebrating Billie Holiday movies and other holiday celebrations with a Holiday Calendar

By: Andrew Broussard & Laura Ruggles – Friday, December 11, 2019 – 4:06PM EST Updated: Friday, January 01, 2020 – 12:01AM EST Billie is back and that means it’s time to celebrate her return with us.

Today we have some great holiday films to look forward to including the holiday movies you may have missed and even a couple that we haven’t heard of yet. 

Alfie & the Bad Batch (2001)Alf, played by Jack Nicholson, is a wealthy businessman who hires a black mobster to take over his family’s casino.

It’s a business deal that upsets the boss, but is also a way for the mobster’s sister to become rich.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (2009) The good guys are in the middle of a battle with the bad guys, while the bad guy is trying to get the good guys to do the bidding of the bad ones.

Black Swan (2018) A black swan is crashing down on a beautiful resort town.

When a black swans family is taken hostage, a woman must decide if she wants to save them, or let them be taken away.

Patton Oswalt as The Joker (2016) One of the biggest names in comedy, Patton Oswalt returns to his comic roots in the role of The Joker in this classic film.

Oswalt played the role in the 1989 version of Batman Begins, and has also appeared in numerous films including The Dark Knight (2005), The Dark Crystal (2005) and The Dark Tower (2016).

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) This is the third installment in the long-running TV series, which is based on the best-selling novel by Thomas Pynchon.

In this film, the Joker is a billionaire.

The Penguin is a famous criminal who can take over a world, and the Penguin is an ex-cop who was framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Jaws (1975)  The story of two shark-man sharks and their struggle to find the best way to defeat the evil Penguin.

I Love You, Man (1977) An American family is forced to move from Florida to New York after the death of their father.

This is a film where a real estate agent, played with a very small part by John Wayne, is forced into a job that could destroy his life.

Rambo (1976) After being framed for the murder of his best friend, this film is about revenge.

It also has a bit of a different twist, as a gang of young assassins are hired to kill John Wayne.

Captain Phillips (1973) Phillips is the captain of a U.S. Navy ship, which has been sunk in the Pacific Ocean by the enemy.

It takes its own captain to rescue the ship and the captain is a black man.

A Night at the Roxbury (1981) Two teenage girls from opposite worlds who are having sex are separated when they accidentally end up in the same room.

What could possibly go wrong?