The Christmas meme: Tess Holiday has taken her Christmas to the bank

The Bank Holiday holiday is a festive celebration in which thousands of people gather to celebrate the birthdays of a number of different people.

For Tess, it was a bit of fun.

She was in Melbourne for a Christmas card exchange and she decided to take it to the banks to exchange her Christmas cards with friends.

“I got to meet my boyfriend and my girlfriend and my friend’s dad and my dad’s dad,” she said.

“I’m so glad I did that because I would never do it with my own money.”

She said it was the best thing ever and it made her feel better than anything.

“The cards were worth $500 and it’s a lot of money to me,” she explained.

The card exchange was a chance for the two to exchange their Christmas cards and Tess said she would give it all back if she could.

“It’s a very good way to say thanks to your friends,” she laughed.

Tess said the bank gave her a discount but it was too little too late.

“They didn’t have any holiday cards in stock so I had to give them away,” she joked.

It was all part of a Christmas exchange that saw Tess’ cards go for $500 each, which was $700.

Despite her small fortune, Tess was happy to exchange them with friends and family.

“We’ll all be sending each other gifts like that because we’re so grateful,” she giggled.

“But at the same time we know what to do with it.”

And that’s just what Christmas is all about.

“Tess was also a part of the Bank Holiday community of like-minded people.

She said the event was a great way for them to get together and exchange cards, as well as being a great social occasion.”

There’s lots of fun and lots of laughs, too,” she told 7.30.”

You just get to see everyone and the bank, so that’s a really nice feeling.

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