Holiday music: Christmas music is booming on Spotify, Google Play and Amazon!

Spotify is now the most popular music streaming service on Google Play, with its Christmas playlist overtaking Spotify’s original Christmas playlist by more than 1 million users in a week, according to Spotify data from data from Nielsen Music.

Apple Music, which launched in 2013, is the next best seller with 2.8 million users, followed by Pandora, with 1.3 million users.

Apple Music and Pandora have more than 100 million subscribers, and both companies have a healthy mix of original songs and pop-ups from their music catalogs.

Apple’s Christmas playlist has nearly tripled in value since it launched in 2016, according the data.

The data, which covers Spotify users between December 1, 2016, and January 6, 2017, shows that the service’s Christmas music has made an appearance on Apple Music more often than any other music service on the service.

Spotify, which has nearly 50 million active users, is in second place with more than 3 million users on Apple’s service.

Pandora has about one million users and Spotify, which had less than 500,000 active users as of January 6.

Pandora has nearly 1 million subscribers on Apple.

Google Play is the only other music app with a majority of its music streaming content on Google Music.

Google’s Christmas lineup of original music is more popular than Apple Music’s, but Google has been known to make some notable additions to its playlist over time, such as Apple Music.

Apple has released music from its music catalog for years, including hits from artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Bruno Moon, and Nick Jonas.

Spotify’s lineup of Christmas songs is more curated than Apple’s.

Pando Music is also a popular music app, and the streaming service has more than 200 million users as well.