Trump vows to defend Jews on Israel trip

President Donald Trump on Monday vowed to defend the Jewish community and Israel on his trip to Israel, saying the country has a “unique place in the world” and it should not be “defeated.”

In a statement, the president said he will deliver a speech on Wednesday outlining his vision for a new era in U.S.-Israeli relations.

“The United States will stand up to Israel and defend its right to exist,” Trump said in a statement.

“This will be done through diplomacy, not through military action, and through building partnerships that strengthen the U.N. Security Council and the State of Israel.

I will not hesitate to stand with Israel against any aggression or threat.”

Trump has called on the United States to boycott all products made by the Israeli company SodaStream, a boycott that was supported by many Democrats, who have called for the company to be forced to close its factory in the U, which has become a major exporter of Israeli products.

The U.K. voted to end its ties with SodaStream last week, but U.s.

President Donald Trumps move was cheered by Israel.

“This is a historic day in U…

S.-Israel relations,” Trump told a rally on Saturday in New York City.

“I am the only U. president who has not made a trip to the State Of Israel.”

The Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., said Monday it was “deeply disappointed” in Trump’s statement, which it said showed his administration is not committed to the historic friendship between the United Nations and the Jewish state.

“We will continue to work to ensure that the president’s visit will be a positive opportunity for Israel and the U., and that his visit to Israel will be the most productive in decades,” the embassy said in an email to The Associated Press.

“The visit will focus on the important role of the United State in advancing U. N. security and the peace process, including its commitment to a two-state solution.”

The boycott of Israeli goods is not the only measure Trump is taking.

The president is expected to visit the U.-S.

border between Israel and Egypt, where he will announce a new agreement with the Palestinians that will allow the construction of a new Palestinian state in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“If he does visit, it will be to announce that a new U. S. security agreement is being worked on with the Palestinian Authority,” said Josh Meyer, the executive director of the Jewish advocacy group J Street, who said the president should also make clear that he will be visiting Israel.