This year’s Christmas Tree is really Christmas tree

A Christmas tree in the Netherlands has been replaced by a giant tree made from plastic.

The giant tree is on display in the city of Utrecht.

The city of Amsterdam has also started making holiday decorations out of plastic, with one of the most popular designs now being the giant Christmas tree.

Dutch authorities say it will help curb pollution, as well as saving on fuel.

The Utrechts giant Christmas Tree was originally installed by the city in 1875.

It is the largest Christmas tree on the planet and was created by the renowned artist, Jan van der Meer.

The tree was first placed on display at the Dutch government’s cultural center, the National Museum, in 1899, and has been on display ever since.

It has been featured on the cover of The New York Times every year since, as a way to help encourage tourists and residents to visit the museum.

This year, the tree is being moved from the museum, along with all of the other Christmas trees in Utrecho.

It will be moved to the National Garden in 2020, and then finally to the Royal Botanic Garden in 2021.

A spokesman for the city said that the city has a history of making big decisions to save energy and reduce waste.

This is not the first time Utrechen has made big decisions with energy and waste.

In 2019, the city started using solar panels on its Christmas tree, which will be made from waste plastic.

That same year, Utreches mayor made a public announcement to encourage people to recycle.

According to the mayor, it was a great way to generate jobs and to reduce waste in the country.