How to celebrate National Day on November 6 in India

As the nation celebrates National Day today, the Hindu community has put together a calendar of how to do so.

The calendar was shared on the official Facebook page of the Indian Hindu Council (IHMC), and it’s a bit of a cheat as there are several different calendars that include different days.

This is the National Day Calendar (National Day of Culture) of the IHMC:There are three types of days in India: National Day (November 6), National Day of Service (November 11) and National Day for Service (National day for service).

These days are marked by different festivals, rituals and festivals that the community uses.

The main event on National Day is the Indian National Day Parade.

The IHRC also organised the national day for the people on November 11.

The festival was observed on November 10 and 11.

National Day is celebrated on November 5, and the National Youth Day Parade is observed on December 2.

The Indian National day is observed in February, May, July, October, November, January, February and March.

The Indian National Festival (National Independence Day) is celebrated from January 5 to February 11.