Billie Holiday’s husband, Craig, had to change his holiday pictures

Billie and Craig’s holiday pictures have changed.

In 2018, Craig’s husband had to paint the holiday barbies on the outside of his house and the outside patio of his home, but the holiday decorating on the inside was done by his own wife.

The barbies have now been changed to be more like the one on the left.

Christmas pictures have been changing in 2020 to be less like the ones on the right, according to Engadgets.

The reason?

The new decorators will need to do some extra work to get the pictures to look like the old decorators.

Billie’s Christmas decorating has changed too, and the picture of her husband is now in the back of the room instead of in the front.

While the decorating changes are still being made, the new decorator is doing the work.

Engadges is the same company that has done the decorations for Billie, so it is safe to assume that the decorators are doing the same for her.

It’s worth noting that Craig’s wife has been painting the holiday bars on the back patio of the home and is still in the room to paint her husband’s decorations.

When Billie last did her decorating, the back room had been decorated with Christmas decorations, including a Christmas tree and a tree stand.

The tree stand was replaced with a snowman, which is still hanging in the garage.

The new decorating in the Billie holiday house looks like this:It’s not clear if Craig’s new decor is being done to look similar to the old decorations, or if it’s simply an extension of the decorations that Billie has been doing.

Either way, the decorations will still be there, and it is still possible to get them to look a little bit like the original ones.

Billie’s new decorations are now up for sale on eBay, with a price tag of $839.99.

Billie Holiday has been married for 35 years and has six children, so there will be plenty of time for a wedding on her anniversary.