I can’t believe my eyes! Christmas station stores open up to customers for the first time

Christmas station is opening to Christmas shoppers in Melbourne’s west, with Christmas stations opening across Melbourne’s inner west.

A new outlet at the corner of Swanston Street and Bond Street opened on Sunday with more to come.

“It’s really exciting for the community because we have a very large population here, especially from the CBD,” said Sarah Macdonald, who opened the shop on Saturday.

“We have people coming in from the suburbs, the outer west, as well as people coming from the inner city.”

Christmas stations have been in the news for a while and the community has really embraced it, they’re just coming in every day to come in and enjoy the shops.

“The first Christmas station will open at Swanston St in Melbourne on Sunday, October 12.”

I think that’s really the perfect place for us to open our store because it’s just close to the CBD, it’s close to all the places that we are in the neighbourhood, and it’s a bit of a shopping mall,” Ms Macdonald said.”

With the Christmas season, it really is a time when people come and visit.

“And we’re hoping to attract a lot of people, particularly people who may not normally go to the mall, to come and shop.”

A station at the new outlet, located on Swanston in Melbourne.

The shop, which has been in operation since March, will open on the second Sunday of every month.

“This is a really good time for people to come to our store and shop,” Ms Mcdonald said of the new location.

“There are some Christmas stations already open, and they’re all in the CBD.”

Christmas stations are currently open across the country.

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