US approves $200M for ‘Trump’s World’ initiative

The U.S. has approved a $200 million package to help develop a “Trump’s world” project, the Department of State announced Tuesday.

The package will fund a project to design and build a virtual reality platform that will allow users to explore the world in the Trump era.

The U.K.-based developer will create an interactive virtual world that would be a platform for people to interact with and share their experiences in real time.

The world would be powered by a cloud-based platform that would provide virtual reality experiences.

The world would offer a virtual space where users could see real-time data, weather, and travel information, as well as a social space where they could interact with each other.

Users would be able to take a virtual trip to visit places such as the White House, the White Castle in Washington, D.C., the Taj Mahal in New York, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Tokyo.

Users could then explore the interactive world through virtual reality headsets.

The virtual reality technology could also be used to explore historical sites, or to view other virtual worlds.

The project would be funded through the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs (FOCAP) account.

The State Department said the package would allow the U.N. General Assembly to “help shape the Trump Administration’s agenda and vision of the world.”

It would be “an unprecedented and significant investment in a new generation of technologies,” it added.

The Trump administration has been under intense scrutiny from the international community for its handling of the Syrian civil war and its role in pushing back against the Paris climate agreement.