How to avoid holiday traffic from January 18, 2019 to February 6, 2020, by using images from December 3, 2017, to January 5, 2018

By Janurary 18, 2018, traffic on Google Maps will start to slow down in India.

In the past few months, India has experienced a number of high-profile incidents involving the country’s roads.

In December, the state of Punjab reported a spate of road accidents that left two drivers dead and several other injured.

The same month, an attack on a train in Uttar Pradesh killed six people and injured over 100.

On January 5 of this year, police in Uttar the state were called to a house in Rajasthan’s Nalanda district after a woman reported that her boyfriend was sexually assaulting her.

A video showing the man, identified as Manu Singh, was later uploaded to YouTube, showing him repeatedly punching a woman in the head.

Singh, who was also booked for attempted murder, was reportedly arrested in the same week.

In addition, police arrested the driver of a vehicle that crashed in a road accident in Punjab, and also arrested his passenger, who allegedly had a knife.

The video of the crash is now available online, with police saying that the driver was arrested for attempted homicide.

On December 13, police were called after a car was involved in an accident on a highway in Gujarat.

Police said that a man and a woman were seriously injured in the accident, and the car’s driver and passenger were both arrested for murder.

On February 6 of this decade, a truck driver in Rajkot, India, crashed into a road in the state, killing three people and injuring six others.

The driver was reportedly drunk and had been speeding in the truck, and he had reportedly fled the scene after hitting a curb.

The truck driver, identified by police as Manjinder Singh, is currently in police custody.

On March 18, police announced that the city of Mumbai had seen an increase in traffic on the city’s main highway, the Ghatkopar-Jharkhand highway.

Police told India’s Economic Times that the number of accidents on the Gharghur-Jagrachar Highway had increased to 1,600, from 622 on December 6.

The highway is a popular spot for people who want to reach the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

On Monday, the police in the Indian state of Maharashtra also announced that traffic on roads along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway has slowed to near normal levels.

Traffic on the Mumbai to Ahmedabad highway was at its lowest in 25 years.

Traffic was also reported to be going down on the Ahmedabad-Ahmadabad highway, which connects Mumbai to Lucknow.

On Tuesday, Mumbai police reported that traffic along the Ahmedpur-Rajasthan highway was also slowing to a trickle.