What you need to know about the US Federal Holiday on October 10

New York is the first state to host a federal holiday this year, the city’s mayor said on Friday, in a rare move in the US.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat, announced on Twitter that the city would host its 10th annual federal holiday on Saturday.

It will mark the official start of the New York City government’s centennial celebrations and the third time the city has hosted a federal Holiday.

It is the second time the City of New York has hosted such a event.

In 2000, it hosted the 100th anniversary of the United States and its capital, New York.

Last year, a federal Thanksgiving holiday was also held, and the city was the only major American city to celebrate the holiday.

“The city of New Jersey and the United Kingdom are the only two American cities that have held their first Thanksgiving holiday in the 100 years since the United Nations declared its independence from Great Britain in 1917,” Bloomberg said.

In the United Arab Emirates, the first city in the Middle East to host its first Thanksgiving, the holiday is celebrated by citizens on Friday and Saturday.

The New York city mayor said the city will host a second federal holiday later this year.

“This is our way of honoring our nation’s roots, which are deep rooted in our history, culture and identity,” he said.

“It is a day to celebrate our history and celebrate our freedom and our values.”

Earlier this week, the New Jersey governor signed legislation that creates a three-day holiday, the Governor’s Day Holiday, which is held on Thursday and Friday.

The holiday is considered a state holiday and falls on October 25, the governor’s birthday.