Holiday Auto Theater in 2019 will open in 2021

Christmas is almost here, but a holiday auto-sitting will be taking place in the city of Indianapolis this weekend. 

The Holiday Auto-Sitting will start at 5 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 31, at Holiday Auto Sitting’s new location at the former General Motors plant site on Indianapolis’ west side. 

In 2019, Holiday Auto had already moved to its current location in the 500 block of Indiana Avenue NW in the neighborhood of East Indianapolis. 

This year, the auto- sitting will be at the new location. 

“We’re really excited to open up this location in this new location,” said Andrew Gorman, the Holiday Auto founder. 

He said the auto seating will be more of a “social space” than the old location.

“I think people are looking for more social outlets,” Gorman said. 

It will be open to the public for about 10 hours per day. 

Gorman said it will be free to attend, but the space is going to be a lot smaller. 

According to Gorman the car will be kept in the car garage, and it will have a “cool” and “tough” exterior. 

A few weeks ago, the company was working with local businesses to create a Christmas tree for the car. 

After the holiday season ends, the car’s interior will be repainted. 

Christmas car decorating will begin at 10 a.m., Gorman says. 

For more information, call (317) 431-8111.

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