‘No-go zones’ on streets of New South Wales after ‘blackout’ to mark Black Friday in 2020

New South Welsh police are looking to reduce traffic restrictions during Black Friday and New Year’s Eve to help reduce the number of crimes that occur.

The city is looking to remove “no-go” zones, where people are not allowed to pass or enter areas.

In 2020, NSW police recorded 590,000 offences, including a record 5,300 “no go” offences, for the whole of the year.

More than 4,100 people were injured, and NSW Police recorded the highest number of property damage injuries in a year since 2010, when more than 5,400 people were hurt.

On the streets of Sydney, police said they were looking at the possibility of reducing the number and duration of no-go areas and making them more welcoming for pedestrians and cyclists.

“No-gates are not a bad thing, but they are also not ideal and they can have a significant impact on the safety of our streets,” NSW Police said.

A “no fly” zone was set up at the foot of Sydney’s famous Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2016.

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