When the Christmas market shuts down, people will have to wait for the new year

We can only imagine what will happen in 2017.

After all, it’s Christmas, right?


And the only thing better than Christmas is the new one.

But there’s one thing you need to know: there’s going to be a big shortage of Christmas trees and decorations on the shelves.

That’s according to one of the world’s largest and most successful Christmas tree sellers, The Christmas Tree Association.

And it’s not because of the weather.

Instead, The Association says, Christmas trees will be scarce because of a severe shortage of snow.

The association is a non-profit that works to keep Christmas trees growing and selling the trees around the world.

Its annual sales have grown by 30 percent over the last three years, but its chief executive, Matt Hargreaves, told The Verge that there’s no need to panic.

“There’s a very good chance we’re going to get the Christmas tree season back in the Christmas season,” Hargar said.

“I’m not saying it’s the end of the season, but we are not going to have Christmas trees.

We are not.

And we’re not going anywhere.”

The Association is one of many big tree sellers to warn that the cold weather will mean a shortage of trees in 2018.

But what happens if a lot of trees don’t get shipped out?

That’s what’s happening right now in Germany, where Christmas trees are a huge market.

In January, the country is expected to have about 30 million Christmas trees, according to Germany’s Deutsches Landesmuseum.

The country is currently dealing with a severe snowstorm, and trees are being left at home.

The Association has issued a report calling for more trees shipped out, and Hargaes said there are still some in Germany where trees are stored.

“The main reason why we’ve been seeing this is because of winter conditions,” Hagedorn said.

In Germany, there are plenty of Christmas tree stands, but the Association’s report said that the demand for the trees is not high.

“We’re still seeing the same situation as we’ve seen before,” Hager said.

But the association is hopeful that the shortage will ease, and that the winter will allow more trees to arrive.

“At the end, there will be some trees out there, and we’ll see the market again,” Hag said.

And if you’re feeling lucky, Hager added that there is a chance that you could get some good Christmas tree luck.

“You might get a good Christmas,” Hagen said.

That was the hope for the farmers in Germany who were hoping for the best.

The farmer and his wife had grown up with the idea of buying a tree and giving it to their children.

Now they’re hoping that they’ll be able to do that for their children as well.