How to Make Holiday Inn Aruba A Luxury Holiday Inn

The holiday resort and hotel where Princess Diana spent the last of her days on British soil will be a luxury holiday destination, with the most expensive hotel rooms available on offer, according to one royal tourism agency.

The holiday inn, a UNESCO World Heritage site, will open in 2018 and features a private restaurant, two hotels and a hotel-style spa.

One of the hotels is an eight-story luxury hotel with a private pool and spa.

The Princess Diana Memorial, a 10-acre park at the resort, has been designed to be a living museum.

“It will be the first royal holiday resort in the world to be truly luxurious,” said Chris Gavlak, chief executive of Holidays Aruba, a travel company that will manage the hotel and park.

“We want to make sure everyone feels welcome.”

One of Holts hotels, the Princess Diana Guest House, will feature a rooftop terrace and private gardens that overlook the resort.

The property, which opened in 2007, includes five luxury suites, a restaurant, spa, pool and tennis courts.

A new luxury hotel at the same resort will include a rooftop deck overlooking the resort and the Royal Ballet of Wales.

Guests will be able to take in the view from the resort’s rooftop terraces, the resort said.

The park also features a replica of Princess Diana’s former home in the form of a giant statue that was commissioned by the British government to honor the British royal.

“For the past six years, we have been working to develop a vision of the future for the island,” Holts said in a statement.

This vision is not about making the island more expensive but about ensuring that Aruba is an unforgettable holiday destination.”